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Lies of P: How to Beat the Nameless Puppet

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In the challenging world of Lies of P, the Nameless Puppet boss fight presents an arduous task for players. This article offers valuable insights and strategic tactics to conquer this formidable adversary.

By perfecting the art of guarding against the relentless onslaught of the Nameless Puppet's attacks and employing defensive measures such as blocking and dodging, players can greatly increase their chances of success.

Equipping a defensive Legion Arm and optimizing weapons and armor will further enhance their ability to overcome this powerful opponent.

Mastering Perfect Guarding: Key to Victory

Perfect Guarding is the key to victory against the Nameless Puppet, as it allows players to effectively block and counter its fast and powerful attacks. Mastering the timing for perfect guarding is crucial in this fight.

The Nameless Puppet's base combo of quick slashes can be blocked with precision, preventing damage and creating an opportunity for counterattacks.

Additionally, when the boss rushes at the player with its greatsword, a well-timed dodge or block can create an opening for retaliation.

Exploiting these openings is essential for dealing damage and gaining the upper hand in the battle.

Defensive Strategies: Blocking and Dodging

While perfect guarding is important, it is also crucial to focus on defensive strategies such as blocking and dodging in order to effectively counter the fast and powerful attacks of the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

Timing plays a significant role in executing successful dodges and blocks, as it allows players to evade incoming attacks and create openings for counterattacks.

Additionally, the role of healing and managing health cannot be overlooked in this boss fight. The Nameless Puppet's attacks are fast and powerful, making it essential to prioritize healing and maintaining health throughout the battle.

Utilizing Defensive Legion Arms for an Advantage

In order to gain an advantage in the Nameless Puppet boss fight in Lies of P, players can strategically employ defensive Legion Arms such as the Aegis, which can provide increased protection against the boss's fast and powerful attacks.

The Nameless Puppet is known for its agility and devastating sword strikes, making defensive tactics crucial for survival. By equipping the Aegis, players can effectively block and perfect guard against the boss's onslaught, minimizing damage and creating opportunities for counterattacks.

Additionally, exploiting the Nameless Puppet's weaknesses is key to victory. Understanding its attack patterns, dodging its lunges and swings, and capitalizing on openings can turn the tide in the player's favor.

Utilizing defensive strategies and exploiting weaknesses are essential components of a successful battle against the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

Optimizing Weapons and Armor for the Fight

To maximize their chances of success in the Nameless Puppet boss fight, players can strategically select and equip high-quality weapons and armor that offer enhanced damage output and increased defense.

Here are four key considerations to optimize weapons and armor for this challenging encounter:

  1. Choosing the right accessories: Selecting accessories that provide bonuses to attack power or critical hit rate can significantly boost damage output. Look for accessories that synergize well with the player's chosen weapon type and playstyle.
  2. Maximizing damage output: Equipping weapons with high base damage and upgrading them with enhancements can increase the player's overall damage output. Additionally, utilizing weapon skills and abilities that complement the player's combat style can further amplify damage dealt to the Nameless Puppet.
  3. Enhancing defensive capabilities: Prioritize armor pieces that offer high defense stats and resistances against the boss's attacks. Additionally, consider equipping armor that provides bonuses to health or reduces incoming damage to improve survivability during the fight.
  4. Utilizing elemental advantages: Understanding the boss's weaknesses and exploiting them by equipping weapons that deal elemental damage can greatly improve the player's chances of success. Experiment with different elemental combinations to find the most effective strategy against the Nameless Puppet.

Defensive Maneuvers: Strafing and Positioning

Effective defensive maneuvers in the Nameless Puppet boss fight include strafing to avoid its attacks and positioning oneself strategically to create opportunities for counterattacks.

The Nameless Puppet is a formidable opponent in Lies of P, with fast and powerful attacks that can quickly overwhelm players. By utilizing strafing techniques, players can effectively dodge the boss's incoming attacks, minimizing damage taken and increasing survivability.

Additionally, positioning oneself strategically can help exploit openings in the boss's defenses, allowing for counterattacks and increased damage output. It is crucial to study the boss's attack patterns and movements, as this will enable players to anticipate and react accordingly.


In conclusion, by implementing strategic tactics such as perfect guarding, utilizing defensive Legion Arms, optimizing weapons and armor, and employing defensive maneuvers like strafing and positioning, players can increase their chances of defeating the Nameless Puppet boss in Lies of P.

This formidable adversary requires a calculated and strategic approach for victory, and with careful planning and execution, players can emerge triumphant in this challenging encounter.