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TFT Set 9.5 Patch Notes: Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 Update

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The latest update for Teamfight Tactics, TFT Set 9.5, brings a plethora of exciting changes and additions to the game.

Notable updates include adjustments to the Horizonbound Pass, new Chibi Irelia variants, and the introduction of Knife Pup and Knife Hound Little Legends.

Ranked rewards have also been updated, and Zaun has undergone reworks and overcharged abilities.

These updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with new strategies to explore in TFT Set 9.5.

Horizonbound Cosmetics Adjustments

The Horizonbound Cosmetics have undergone adjustments, including the addition of more Little Legends and an instant Treasure Token reward to the Horizonbound Pass. These updates provide players with more options and incentives to enhance their gaming experience.

With the Horizonbound Pass, players can unlock additional content and rewards by progressing through levels. The Pass+ option allows for further customization and includes three ships to travel to Bilgewater Bay.

One of the exciting additions to the Horizonbound Cosmetics is the Chibi Irelia’s finisher in Treasure Realms. This unique finisher showcases Irelia’s dealings with the Dragon Kings, adding depth and intrigue to the character.

These updates aim to provide players with a sense of belonging and personalization within the game, allowing them to express their individuality and style.

Chibi Irelia and Chibi Divine Sword Irelia

Chibi Irelia and Chibi Divine Sword Irelia are available as cosmetic options in Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5. Chibi Irelia can be directly purchased from the shop for 1900 RP, while Chibi Divine Sword Irelia is a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms.

Here are three key points about these Little Legends:

  1. Rarity and availability: Chibi Irelia is more accessible as it can be bought directly from the shop, making it easier for players to add her to their collection. On the other hand, Chibi Divine Sword Irelia is a bit more exclusive, as it is only obtainable through the Star Content drop in Treasure Realms.
  2. Signature Booms: Chibi Irelia comes with her own signature Boom called Vanguards Edge, adding a unique visual and audio effect to her abilities. Chibi Divine Sword Irelia also has a boom that alludes to her dealings with Dragon Kings, giving her a distinct aesthetic.
  3. Finishers: While Chibi Irelia has her signature Boom, Chibi Divine Sword Irelia has a finisher that showcases her connection to the Dragon Kings. This finisher adds an extra layer of visual appeal and personality to the Little Legend.

Overall, both Chibi Irelia and Chibi Divine Sword Irelia offer players the opportunity to enhance their gameplay experience with these adorable and unique cosmetic options.

Knife Pup and Knife Hound Little Legends

Knife Pup and Knife Hound are Little Legend variants based on Naafiri’s packmates, offering players a variety of options to choose from in their pursuit to customize and personalize their gameplay experience. These Little Legends come in different variations, each with unique names and design elements.

Players have the option to purchase rare and epic variants of both Knife Pup and Knife Hound. The pricing for these Little Legends ranges from 750 RP to 925 RP, providing players with flexibility in their budget.

The design elements of each variant are carefully crafted to appeal to players who desire a sense of belonging and individuality in their gameplay. By offering these variations, Teamfight Tactics aims to cater to the diverse preferences of its player base and enhance their overall gaming experience.

Ranked Rewards and Resets

Ranked Rewards and Resets include special emotes for players who reached Gold or higher, as well as soft resets of ranks and provisional matches for players in Master or above.

Here are the key points to understand about these changes:

Changes to ranked rewards:

  • Players who achieved Gold or higher will receive a special Chibi Aatrox emote.
  • Hyper Roll players who finished in specific tiers will also receive emotes.
  • For those who achieved Gold or higher while playing with a friend, they can receive Double Up emotes.

Soft reset:

  • Ranks have been soft reset one tier below the current standings.
  • For players in Master or above, they will be reset to Diamond IV.

Provisional matches:

  • After the reset, players in Master or above will be given five provisional matches.
  • These matches will not result in LP loss for sub-top-four placements.
  • Top-four finishes in the first five ranked games will be rewarded with extra LP.

These changes aim to provide a sense of accomplishment and progression for players in the ranked mode, while also ensuring a fair starting point for the new season.

Zaun Reworked and Overcharged Abilities

Zaun has undergone a rework, resulting in enhanced abilities and the introduction of overcharged effects that grant increased damage, damage resistance, and healing capabilities to select champions. The implications of this rework are significant, as it provides a new level of power and versatility to Zaun champions in Teamfight Tactics.

The overcharged abilities offer a strategic advantage, allowing players to manipulate their champions’ abilities to suit different situations. For example, the Zaun Hextech Exoskeleton now deals 12% more damage, takes 12% less damage, and restores 15% of max HP every 5 seconds. When overcharged, it grants immunity to crowd control and increases healing to 25% of max HP.

Similarly, the Zaun Robotic Arm increases damage of attacks and abilities by 25% as true damage when overcharged. These overcharged effects can greatly impact the outcome of battles and provide a newfound strength to champions from Zaun.

Changes to Units in Different Tiers

The recent adjustments to units in different tiers have brought about significant changes to their abilities and power levels, which will undoubtedly impact the strategic choices made by players in Teamfight Tactics. These changes include Darius and Ekko, two popular champions in the game.

  1. Darius changes: Darius has received several adjustments that affect his overall performance. His attack damage and attack speed have been reduced, and the AD ratio of his ultimate ability, Noxian Guillotine, has been adjusted. These changes make Darius a more balanced champion and require players to adapt their strategies when using him.
  2. Ekko adjustments: Ekko, another strong champion, has also undergone changes. The damage of his ability, Phase Dive, has been adjusted. This alteration affects Ekko’s burst potential and requires players to reconsider his role in their team compositions.

These changes to Darius and Ekko highlight the dynamic nature of Teamfight Tactics and the importance of adapting strategies based on the balance adjustments made by the developers. Players will need to reassess their team compositions and make strategic decisions accordingly to maximize their chances of success.

Conclusion – Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 Patch

In conclusion, the TFT Set 9.5 patch brings a range of exciting changes and additions to Teamfight Tactics.

The Horizonbound Pass has been adjusted to include additional Little Legends and a Treasure Token reward.

New Chibi Irelia variants and Knife Pup and Knife Hound Little Legends have been introduced.

Ranked rewards have been updated, and Zaun has received reworks and overcharged abilities.

These updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience and provide new strategies for players to explore.

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