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Is Seatgeek Legit & Reliable Platform? Seargeek.Com Review

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SeatGeek, an established online ticket exchange platform founded in 2009, connects buyers and sellers to provide access to primary and resale ticket listings. With features like customized ticket maps and a Deal Score system, SeatGeek aims to assist buyers in making informed purchasing decisions.

However, this article evaluates SeatGeek's legitimacy and reliability, analyzing factors such as the buying and selling process, fees and pricing, customer satisfaction, trust ratings, and overall market reputation.

By examining these aspects, we can determine if SeatGeek is a trustworthy platform for purchasing tickets to live events and sports games.

SeatGeek's Background and History

Exploring SeatGeek's background and history reveals its growth and development as an influential player in the online ticket exchange industry.

Founded in 2009, SeatGeek quickly established itself as a trusted platform for buying and selling tickets.

One key aspect of SeatGeek's success is its partnerships with sports teams and live event venues. These partnerships allow SeatGeek to offer a wide range of tickets, ensuring that users have access to sought-after events.

Additionally, SeatGeek's customer support experience plays a vital role in maintaining customer satisfaction. While some customers have reported difficulties reaching support for ticket-related issues, SeatGeek continues to work on improving its support accessibility.

The Buying and Selling Experience on SeatGeek

The process of buying and selling tickets on SeatGeek is a seamless and efficient experience for users.

SeatGeek offers a user-friendly interface where buyers can easily search for events, filter listings, and add tickets to their cart.

Sellers can conveniently list their tickets by providing event details and quantity.

One of the key features that adds trust to the platform is SeatGeek's ticket verification process. This ensures that the tickets listed for sale are legitimate and valid.

In addition, SeatGeek has a FanProtect policy that guarantees entry to events for buyers.

However, some users have reported issues with seat assignments and delays in ticket delivery.

SeatGeek's customer support response time could be improved to address these concerns promptly and efficiently.

Fees and Pricing Structure on SeatGeek

Fees and pricing on SeatGeek are an important aspect to consider when using the platform for ticket purchases. SeatGeek's fee transparency is a concern for some users, as the total costs are not shown upfront. Instead, fees are calculated and displayed at checkout.

Sellers are charged a 10% fee deducted from their earnings, while buyers may experience a 30-33% markup on listed prices on average. The prices depend on factors such as the section, demand, and seller-set rates.

It is worth noting that buyers have reported unexpected fees at the time of purchase, which can be seen as hidden costs on SeatGeek. For a more transparent pricing structure, SeatGeek could consider displaying all fees upfront to provide a clearer understanding for buyers.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust Ratings

Evaluating customer satisfaction and establishing trust ratings are crucial aspects when assessing the reliability of SeatGeek as a ticketing platform. Independent review sites show mixed customer experiences, with SeatGeek receiving a B rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Common issues reported by customers include delayed or incorrect ticket delivery, as well as difficulty reaching support for fixes. To improve customer support, SeatGeek could focus on transparency and communication. Clearer communication regarding fees and pricing upfront would help build trust with buyers, who have reported unexpected fees at the time of purchase.

Additionally, implementing stricter standards for sellers and providing easier access to support would contribute to a more satisfying customer experience and enhance SeatGeek's reputation as a reliable platform.

Evaluating the Legitimacy and Reliability of SeatGeek

While there are mixed customer reviews regarding its legitimacy and reliability, SeatGeek has established itself as one of the largest secondary ticket marketplaces with partnerships with sports teams and live event venues.

Evaluating the trustworthiness of SeatGeek requires considering user experiences. Independent review sites present a range of opinions, with some customers expressing satisfaction and others reporting issues such as delayed or incorrect ticket delivery. Difficulty in reaching customer support for resolutions has also been mentioned.

To improve trust, SeatGeek could focus on transparency, ensuring access to adequate support, and implementing stricter standards for sellers. Despite the varied feedback, SeatGeek has processed millions of ticket sales over the past decade, highlighting its position as a major player in the secondary ticket market.


In conclusion, SeatGeek is a legitimate and reliable platform for purchasing tickets for live events and sports games. The platform offers a user-friendly buying and selling experience, with various features to assist buyers in making informed decisions.

While there are fees associated with using SeatGeek, the pricing structure is transparent. Customer satisfaction and trust ratings are generally positive, indicating a high level of reliability.

Overall, SeatGeek has established a strong reputation in the market as a trustworthy ticket-selling platform.