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Gentis Recruitment Reviews – Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Discover the comprehensive overview of Gentis Recruitment’s reputation as an employer through frequently asked questions and anonymous reviews.

As a prominent player in the business consulting and recruitment industry, Gentis Recruitment has received positive attention, earning an impressive overall rating of 5.0.

With employees expressing satisfaction in areas such as compensation and benefits, culture and values, and career opportunities, this article aims to provide valuable insights for those seeking to understand the company’s standing in the industry.

Overall Company Reviews

The overall company reviews for Gentis Recruitment show a positive sentiment among employees. With a 5.0 rating on September 13, 2023, and 81% of employees recommending the company to a friend, it is clear that employee satisfaction is high.

The company’s positive outlook, as reported by 79% of employees, further reinforces this sentiment. While there has been a slight decrease in the overall rating over the last 12 months, the majority of employees still hold the company in high regard.

One of the factors contributing to this positive sentiment is the company culture at Gentis Recruitment. Employees in positions such as Business Consultant have mentioned their satisfaction with the company. The CEO’s approval and positive business outlook have also been highlighted as contributing factors to the positive employee experience.

In terms of compensation and benefits, employees rate Gentis Recruitment highly, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5. The company also received positive ratings for culture and values, as well as career opportunities.

Positive Employee Feedback

Positive Employee Feedback is an important aspect of Gentis Recruitment’s overall company reviews. It reflects the level of employee satisfaction and contributes to the business growth.

One employee, who holds the position of Business Consultant and has been with the company for over 1 year, highly recommends working at Gentis Recruitment. This positive feedback is particularly valuable as it demonstrates the employee’s trust in the company’s leadership, as evidenced by their approval of the CEO and positive business outlook.

The employee’s positive experience and satisfaction contribute to the overall positive perception of the company. Such feedback not only fosters a sense of belonging among employees but also attracts potential candidates who are seeking a reputable and fulfilling work environment.

Negative Employee Feedback

However, some employees have provided negative feedback about their experience working at Gentis Recruitment. This negative feedback highlights the importance of transparency and communication within the company.

Some employees have expressed concerns about the lack of transparency in decision-making processes and the overall communication within the organization. This can lead to a sense of frustration and confusion among employees, as they may feel left in the dark about important company updates and decisions.

Additionally, poor communication can hinder collaboration and teamwork, making it difficult for employees to effectively work together towards common goals.

It is crucial for Gentis Recruitment to address these concerns and prioritize open and transparent communication channels to foster a positive and productive work environment.

Salary and Benefits

While evaluating Gentis Recruitment, it is important to consider the salary and benefits that employees receive. According to employee reviews, Gentis Recruitment employees rate their compensation and benefits as 4.1 out of 5. This indicates a high level of employee satisfaction in terms of remuneration.

Additionally, the company has been rated 3.5 out of 5 for work-life balance, 4.1 for culture and values, and 4.3 for career opportunities. These ratings suggest that Gentis Recruitment offers job perks that contribute to a positive working environment and growth opportunities for its employees.

It is crucial for individuals seeking employment to assess the salary and benefits provided by a company, and based on the reviews, Gentis Recruitment appears to offer competitive compensation and attractive job perks that contribute to employee satisfaction.

Compensation and Benefits Rating

Based on employee feedback, the compensation and benefits at Gentis Recruitment have been consistently rated highly. Employees have expressed satisfaction with the company’s compensation package, which includes competitive salaries and a range of benefits.

Here are four key reasons why employees are satisfied with their compensation and benefits at Gentis Recruitment:

  • Competitive salaries: Gentis Recruitment offers employees salaries that are competitive within the industry, ensuring that employees feel valued and rewarded for their contributions.
  • Comprehensive benefits: The company provides a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, which contributes to the overall satisfaction of employees.
  • Performance-based bonuses: Gentis Recruitment recognizes and rewards outstanding performance through performance-based bonuses, motivating employees to strive for excellence in their roles.
  • Work-life balance support: The company promotes a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements and promoting employee well-being, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Work-life Balance and Career Opportunities

For employees at Gentis Recruitment, achieving a healthy work-life balance is complemented by abundant career opportunities. The company understands the importance of employee satisfaction and strives to create an environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.

With a strong focus on work-life balance, Gentis Recruitment recognizes that a happy and fulfilled workforce leads to higher productivity and overall success. The company offers flexible working hours and encourages employees to prioritize their well-being outside of work.

Additionally, Gentis Recruitment provides numerous career growth opportunities, allowing employees to expand their skills and knowledge. Whether through internal promotions, training programs, or mentorship opportunities, the company is dedicated to supporting professional growth and development.

With a commitment to employee satisfaction and professional growth, Gentis Recruitment ensures that its employees have the tools and support they need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.


In conclusion, Gentis Recruitment has received positive feedback from a majority of its employees, with a high overall rating and a willingness to recommend the company.

However, there have been some concerns raised regarding transparency and communication, which should be addressed by the company.

The compensation and benefits rating, while still positive, has seen a slight decline over the past year.

Overall, Gentis Recruitment provides a favorable work environment with opportunities for growth and development.

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