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Acasa Manila Scam Exposed: Maggie Wilson Links Rachel Carrasco to a Smear Campaign

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Acasa Manila Scam Exposed: In a recent revelation, Maggie Wilson, renowned founder of Acasa Manila, has brought to light a smear campaign that targeted both her and her company.

Wilson has provided compelling evidence linking Rachel Carrasco as the alleged mastermind behind this campaign, which involved prominent TikTok content creators.

Through screenshots, Wilson showcases instructions given to these influencers to spread false information and engage in trolling behavior, with the specific intention of damaging the reputation of Acasa Manila.

This article delves into the alleged involvement of Carrasco, admissions and apologies from TikTokers, and the organization of the smear campaign.

Alleged Involvement of Rachel Carrasco

Rachel Carrasco’s alleged involvement in the smear campaign against Maggie Wilson and Acasa Manila is revealed through screenshots and evidence presented by Wilson.

The screenshots show conversations and messages where Rachel Carrasco is implicated in orchestrating the campaign. Additionally, Maggie Wilson connects Rachel Carrasco to the cyber libel case filed against her, suggesting a possible connection between the two incidents.

The evidence presented by Wilson includes screenshots of conversations and instructions given to TikTokers involved in the smear campaign. These screenshots show Rachel Carrasco’s name and profile picture, further linking her to the campaign.

However, it is important to note that Rachel Carrasco and Victor Consunji, Wilson’s ex-husband, have not yet responded to these allegations.

The investigation is ongoing, and further information is awaited to establish Rachel Carrasco’s role in the smear campaign and her connection to the cyber libel case.

Apology and Admission of TikTokers

The TikTokers involved in the smear campaign against Maggie Wilson and her company, Acasa Manila, have publicly apologized and admitted their participation in creating videos to spread false information about Wilson and her business. Their apology comes after Wilson exposed their involvement and presented evidence of their actions.

The smear campaign had a significant impact on Acasa Manila’s reputation, as false information was spread to tarnish the company’s image. As a result of their actions, the TikTokers involved now face consequences for their participation in the campaign. It is important to note that the TikTokers admit to being paid to produce the content and reveal that the script was scripted, further emphasizing the deliberate nature of their actions.

The apology and admission serve as a step towards accountability for their involvement in the smear campaign.

Organization of the Smear Campaign

The organization of the smear campaign against Maggie Wilson and her company, Acasa Manila, is revealed through screenshots of a group chat among TikTokers and content creators. The group chat, named ‘Bene Project’, shows the coordination and planning of the campaign.

In the conversation thread, it is evident that Rachel Carrasco, the same person who filed a cyber-libel case against Maggie, is involved in orchestrating the campaign. The screenshots display discussions about a talent fee of 8K for creating video content against Maggie and Acasa Manila.

Hashtags such as #LaggotSiMaggot, #AcasaManila, and #StopTheDramaMaggie were instructed to be used by the content creators. The thread also includes the script provided to guide the content creators in making their videos.

These revelations provide further evidence of financial struggles faced by Acasa Manila, which have contributed to the challenges encountered by the company.

Financial Issues and Personal Matters

Amidst the allegations and smear campaign, Maggie Wilson reveals the financial issues and personal matters that have plagued her and her company, Acasa Manila.

She discloses that Acasa Manila is facing financial issues, including stolen funds, and mentions her efforts to address the problem legally.

Maggie implies that her ex-husband, Victor Consunji, is contributing to the company’s financial struggles, as he is involved in a legal case against her for adultery.

These financial issues have had a significant impact on Acasa Manila’s operations, leading to challenges such as unpaid bills and delayed deliveries.

However, the extent of the impact and the specific actions taken by Maggie to address the financial issues are not elaborated upon in the article.

Conclusion – Acasa Manila Scam Exposed

In conclusion, Maggie Wilson has presented compelling evidence linking Rachel Carrasco to a smear campaign targeted against her and her company, Acasa Manila. Screenshots from TikTok content creators indicate instructions given to engage in trolling behavior and spread false information.

Additionally, four TikTokers have admitted their involvement and apologized for their actions. While Carrasco and Victor Consunji have not responded to these allegations, the evidence presented by Wilson suggests a potential connection between Carrasco and the campaign.

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