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Pretty Litter Reviews – Is It Best for Your Kitty?

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Are you wondering if Pretty Litter reviews can help determine if it’s the best option for your kitty? If so, you’re in luck! Pretty Litter is a revolutionary new cat litter that claims to provide superior odor control and be low-dust. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the Pretty Litter reviews and look at what people have to say about the product, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s the right choice for your beloved pet.

What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter Reviews - Is It Best for Your Kitty?

Pretty Litter is a revolutionary new cat litter made from specially-formulated crystals. It has been designed to keep cats and their owners happy while helping monitor their health. The Litter is highly absorbent and odor-fighting, meaning it can help keep homes smelling fresh and clean.

The Pretty Litter particles also change colour according to the cat’s body chemistry. This allows owners to be alerted to potential issues with their pet’s health, as well as being able to monitor how well the Litter is working. Pretty Litter is an excellent solution for busy owners who want to monitor their cats’ wellbeing without taking them to the vet regularly.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter is a unique type of cat litter that contains special silica gel beads that are highly absorbent and odor-fighting. The beads are dyed in four different colours, each representing a different type of health condition your cat may be experiencing. 

The beads will turn green if your cat’s urine has high acidity levels. The beads will turn blue if your cat’s urine contains high glucose levels. If your cat’s urine contains high levels of ketones, the beads will turn orange. 

Lastly, if your cat’s urine contains high levels of blood or infection, the beads will turn red. 

The Litter also has superior odor-fighting properties, which allows it to last up to a month before needing to be changed out, making it ideal for multiple cats and busy households. 

Additionally, the beads are much less likely to get tracked around the house than regular Litter and are easy to clean up.

The Pros of Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter has many benefits for cats and their owners.

  • One of the main advantages of Pretty Litter is that it’s soft and comfortable on sensitive kitty paws. 
  • Not only is it better for their paws, but it also doesn’t track nearly as much as traditional clay litter. This means you won’t have to vacuum up Litter all over your house!
  • Another great advantage of Pretty Litter is its color-changing properties. The Litter will change colour to indicate if your cat has any health problems. You can easily monitor your cat’s wellbeing with this feature.
  • Pretty Litter also offers highly-efficient odor control. It is made from natural minerals designed to trap and eliminate odors from the litter box. You won’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors coming from your cat’s litter box.
  • Another benefit of Pretty Litter is that it is less harmful to breathe in than traditional clay litters. It contains no synthetic materials, so you can be sure it is safe for your family and cats.
  • Lastly, Pretty Litter offers a convenient monthly subscription option delivered right to your door. No more running out to the store at the last minute to buy Litter! With the subscription, you will always have plenty of Litter on hand.

The Cons of Pretty Litter

Despite its innovative features and convenience, Pretty Litter has a few drawbacks. 

  • The most common complaint among customers is the price. Pretty Litter is more expensive than other popular brands of Litter, ranging from $22-28 per month, depending on the number of cats you own. 
  • Some customers also find that the Litter loses some of its absorbency if a cat repeatedly goes in the same spot. 
  • Finally, while our test saw no issues with the bag lasting the entire month as advertised, a few reviews claim this wasn’t the case for them.

Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Features

  1. Pretty Litter is a unique type that changes colour depending on the pH level of your cat’s urine. This makes monitoring your cat’s health easier by keeping an eye on their urine and can help you catch any potential issues quickly. 
  2. While Pretty Litter may be able to detect some abnormalities in your cat’s urine, it’s important to remember that it’s not foolproof and it can’t diagnose any diseases. 
  3. It should be used to help you keep an eye on your cat’s health, but if you notice any other unusual behaviour or symptoms, take your cat to the vet immediately. 
  4. You should also bear in mind that your vet may disagree with using Pretty Litter, and it is ultimately up to you to decide if it is best for your kitty.

Pretty Litter Subscription

Pretty Litter is a subscription-based service that makes keeping your cats’ Litter fresh and clean easy and convenient. The subscription cost depends on how many cats you have – one bag per cat per month, which costs $22 each. If you have more than one cat, the bags are discounted at $20 per bag. 

For example, if you have three cats, the three bags would cost $60. If you have four cats, it would cost $80 for four bags, and so on. 

If for any reason, you want to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so through the Pretty Litter website. Cancellations can be made for any reason, and there are no fees or penalties for cancelling. 

Additionally, Pretty Litter offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product. If you’re unhappy with Pretty Litter after 30 days, you can get a full refund.

Is Pretty Litter Worth It?

Pretty Litter is an innovative cat litter product that offers a unique range of benefits. Its monthly subscription service gives you the convenience of never running out of Litter. 

Its health monitoring feature and lightweight design make it ideal for cats who prefer lighter and cleaner Litter. 

On top of that, the odor control and absorption rate are also awe-inspiring. Considering all these benefits, we believe Pretty Litter is worth its $22 price tag.

How To Use The Pretty Litter

1. Pour the entire contents of the Pretty Litter bag into a clean litter box. Make sure you are getting the proper 2 inches of depth.

2. Remove your cat’s faeces every day. When you scoop the faeces, shake off the extra litter granules.

3. Thoroughly mix the Litter daily to avoid saturating the same spots in the litter box cats prefer to urinate in. When the Litter is saturated, typically after a month’s use, empty the litter box’s contents into a trash bag. 

4. Regularly check the color of the Litter. Shades of yellow to olive green indicate typical acidity and alkalinity levels. If you notice any other colours, thoroughly mix the Litter and closely monitor your cat’s Pretty Litter over the next 24 to 48 hours. 

Pretty Litter Cat Health Monitoring System 

Pretty Litter is an innovative cat litter that monitors your cat’s health. The Litter itself changes color based on the acidity and alkalinity of your cat’s urine, giving you insight into their urinary health. Pretty Litter uses a proprietary, patented formula to change your cat’s urine colour. 

It will indicate if the urine pH is low (too acidic) or high (too alkaline). Low pH indicates the presence of metabolic acids or kidney problems. High pH indicates the presence of struvite crystals, bladder inflammation, bladder stones, urinary tract infection, and/or bladder cancer. 

The Pretty Litter Cat Health Monitoring System can also help alert you to blood in your cat’s urine. Suppose the Litter changes to a red colour. 

In that case, this could indicate the presence of bladder inflammation, bladder stones, urinary tract infection, and/or bladder cancer. You should have your vet check out your cat as soon as possible if you see any color change in the Litter.

Pretty Litter is an excellent tool for monitoring your cat’s health and providing peace of mind. The Litter’s unique ability to change color gives you valuable insight into your cat’s urinary health, allowing you to take action if necessary.

What is Pretty Litter Made Of? 

Pretty Litter is made of very absorbent Silica Gel and a patented set of indicators that enable you to check your cat’s urine for abnormally high or low levels of acidity or alkalinity and the presence of blood. Silica gel, also known as Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS), has been used extensively in food, cosmetics, and topical and oral medications. 

The silica gel used to make Pretty Litter is sourced from carefully selected mineral sources and then processed through the most rigorous quality control regulations at one of the world’s biggest and most reputable cat litter factories. As such, Pretty Litter is made from natural minerals, making it both safe for your cat and suitable for everyone in the house.

Pretty Litter Reviews by Customers

Pretty Litter is a revolutionary cat litter product with unique colour-changing crystals that helps monitor your cat’s health. The product has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have tried it. On the official Pretty Litter website, the product has a 4.9-star rating out of 5 stars, with 26,382 reviews.

Customers praise Pretty Litter for its convenience and effectiveness in monitoring their cat’s health. Many users report that the colour-changing crystals alert them to any changes in their pet’s health earlier than possible with traditional Litter. Customers also note that the product is easy to use, and the subscription service makes it convenient to receive regular shipments.

Other customers have mentioned that they appreciate the scentless nature of the product and how quickly it clumps, making cleaning easier and quicker. Many customers comment on how much money they save using Pretty Litter over traditional clay litter. 

Despite all of the positive feedback, a few reviews mention how expensive the product can be, particularly if you have multiple cats. Some customers also mention that the product can be messy if it needs to be stored appropriately and can leave a dusty residue on furniture. 

Overall, customer reviews of Pretty Litter are overwhelmingly positive, and many people swear by it as an essential part of keeping their cats healthy. With its convenient subscription service and health monitoring features, Pretty Litter has become a popular choice for cat owners looking for an easy and effective way to monitor their pet’s health.

Is It Best for Your Kitty?

Pretty Litter is a unique cat litter that promises to monitor your kitty’s health and detect changes in their urine pH. It comes as an absorbent powder that changes color based on the acidity levels of your cat’s urine. This can alert you if your pet needs medical attention for potential health issues. 

So, is Pretty Litter worth it for your kitty? 

After looking at customer reviews and considering the product’s features, the answer is yes. The colour-changing powder is a great way to monitor your pet’s health without requiring additional tests or vet trips. Additionally, the subscription service makes it easy to fill your litter box and always have fresh Litter on hand. 

Regarding overall quality, most customers agree that Pretty Litter is great for controlling odours and messes. It also contains silica gel which helps to absorb odours and moisture, so your house will stay smelling fresh. Plus, because the powder is light, it’s easy to scoop and dispose of. 

Finally, Pretty Litter is safe and non-toxic for your kitty. The ingredients are all-natural, so there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals in contact with your pet’s skin or fur. Overall, Pretty Litter is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy way to keep their cat healthy.

Our Conclusion

Pretty Litter is a great option for cat owners looking for Litter with health monitoring features and convenience. It is made of all-natural materials and is designed to be low-maintenance while providing accurate health data. 

While it may be more expensive than traditional Litter, the benefits of having health monitoring features are hard to ignore. Plus, it’s easy to use, and the subscription model makes it convenient to keep stocked up. Overall, we think Pretty Litter is worth the cost for those looking for an easy and effective way to monitor their cat’s health.

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