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Stick It Rollers Review – Is This Cleaner Worth It?

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Consider the Stick It Rollers Review if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to clean your home. This innovative product promises to make cleaning easier and faster than ever before. 

With its unique design and powerful suction, it is sure to revolutionize the way you clean. Read on for a comprehensive Stick It Rollers review to determine if this cleaner is worth it.

What are Stick It Rollers?

Stick It Rollers are an innovative cleaning tool that makes picking up dirt, dust, dander, lint, salt, sugar, kitty litter, and pet hair from your furniture, carpets, and other surfaces easy. 

The rollers are made from a unique material that sticks to dirt, dust, and other debris while being gentle enough not to damage fabrics or furniture. 

The reusable rollers can be washed and used again and again without leaving behind any residue. They come in various sizes, so find one that fits the surface you’re cleaning. 

With Stick It Rollers, you can quickly and easily clean up messes without removing the vacuum cleaner or lumping out the heavy mop bucket.

How Does the Stick It Roller Work?

The Stick It Roller is an innovative cleaning product designed to help make your life easier. This cleaning tool lets you quickly and easily clean sticky surfaces, including baseboards, door frames, and more. The roller uses a sticky material that attaches itself to any surface, allowing you to easily remove dirt, dust, and another residue from the area.

To use the Stick It Roller, roll it over the surface you wish to clean. The roller will pick up dirt, dust, and another residue with its sticky material. Once the roller is done cleaning, you can peel off the residue and discard it. 

The Stick It Roller is also great for deep cleaning hard-to-reach areas, as it can reach into corners and crevices where traditional cleaning tools can’t go. Its slim design makes it easy to store and transport when not in use. 

To ensure maximum performance of the Stick It Roller, it is recommended to use Dawn Dish Soap to help keep the roller sticky. 

Over time the oil from the hairs will cause a residue to build up on the surface of the roller causing it to be less sticky. When this happens, give the rollers a good rub with Dawn Dish Soap and rinse with hot water! 

This will remove the residue and bring back that day-one stickiness! Only Dawn Dish Soap!

It’s important to note that you should not use the Stick It Roller on any painted surfaces, wallpaper, or surfaces that might chip. Doing so could damage the area and result in costly repairs. 

Stick It Rollers Features

Stick It Rollers Review – Is This Cleaner Worth It?

Green Products: Stick It Rollers is committed to providing green products free from harsh chemicals. Their eco-friendly products are safe for both your home and the environment. They use natural ingredients in their cleaners that are gentle yet effective enough to clean your floors, walls, and other surfaces. Their products have no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or residue.

Excellent Quality: Stick It Rollers offer a great quality product at an affordable price. Their cleaning supplies are made from high-quality materials and designed to last. Plus, they are designed to be used over and over again. Their microfiber cleaning pads can be washed and reused up to 500 times without losing effectiveness. 

Great Value: Stick It Rollers offer various products to meet your cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful cleaner for your kitchen or bathroom or a gentle cleaner for your living room or bedroom, they have something for everyone. Plus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy confidently.

Stick It! Deluxe Set Package Includes

The Stick It! Deluxe Set Package includes a reusable handheld roller, two travel-size reusable rollers, and a Pet Glove. 

The handheld roller is ideal for cleaning upholstery, carpets, and stairs. It can reach crevices, tight corners, and areas where standard vacuum cleaners cannot fit. It is also able to clean under furniture and in other hard-to-reach places. 

The two travel-size rollers are great for quickly and efficiently cleaning up messes on the go. They fit in any bag or glove compartment, making them easily transported. 

Finally, the Pet Glove helps remove pet hair from furniture, carpets, stairs, and more without using a vacuum cleaner. It features soft microfiber that quickly picks up pet hair and debris. 

The Stick It! Deluxe Set Package is a comprehensive tool that can help keep your home or office clean.

How do I use my Stick It? Rollers?

They are using the Stick It! Rollers are simple and easy! First, use the brush to sweep up dry, messy surfaces, like crumbs and pet hair. Then use the roller side to pick up the rest. 

When using the roller side, there is no need to press hard; just a gentle rolling motion is enough. To clean the roller, run it under hot water and then roll it over a lint-free towel to dry it. The Stick It! Rollers will be sticky again right away and ready for use!

Does it work on any surface?

Yes! The Stick It Rollers are great for cleaning virtually any hard surface, including hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, carpet, upholstery, silk, satin, and suede. 

However, due to the solid adhesive nature of the rollers, they should not be used on any painted surfaces, wallpaper, or surfaces that may chip.

Does the sticky-ness wear off?

No, the Stick It Rollers have a long-lasting adhesive that won’t wear off soon! The adhesive is designed to last up to 10 years. 

If it starts to lose its stickiness, you can wash the roller with some Dawn Dish Soap and hot water to restore it to its original stickiness.

How long does it take to dry?

It only takes a few minutes to dry the Stick It Rollers. Rolling it over a dry, lint-free towel will dry instantly and be ready to use again immediately. Alternatively, if you let the roller drip dry, it will be scorched in a few minutes.

What is it suitable for?

The Stick It Roller is perfect for a variety of tasks! It’s great for cleaning up around the house, the office, or any other space. You can pick up dirt, dust, lint, pet fur, hair, crumbs, and more. 

It’s also great for picking up kitty litter, birdseed, and other small messes. Its adhesive backing makes it easy to stick to surfaces like windows and countertops. With its compact size, you can store it in your purse or glove compartment for quick cleanup when you’re on the go!

What is it not suitable for?

The Stick It! The roller is unsuitable for fabric use, such as upholstery or clothing. It is also unsuitable for use on surfaces that could damage the adhesive, such as wood floors or walls. 

Suppose you need clarification on the surface material. In that case, it is best to test a small area before using the Stick It! Roller on the entire area.

Stick It Rollers Review

Stick It Rollers is an innovative new cleaning tool designed to make your life easier. Stick It Rollers can quickly and efficiently pick up pet hair, lint, dust, and other debris with its patented sticky roller technology. The Stick It Roller’s unique design allows it to clean surfaces like carpets, walls, and furniture easily.

Regarding ease of use, Stick It Rollers has got it down. The roller is easy to operate – press the handle down onto a surface, and the roller will start to pick up debris. The handle also doubles as a storage container for the collected debris, making cleanup even more straightforward.

When it comes to cleaning performance, Stick It Rollers performs well. Customers have given it an overall score of 3.6 stars out of 5. Many customers have praised the product’s ability to quickly remove lint and dust from fabrics and surfaces like couches, curtains, and rugs. 

Regarding ease of cleaning, Stick It Rollers scored slightly lower, with an overall rating of 3.3 stars out of 5. While many customers found the product easy to use, some found cleaning challenging once they finished the job.

Finally, regarding value for money, Stick It Rollers scores reasonably well, with an overall rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. Customers find the product affordable and a good value for the money.

Overall, Stick It Rollers is a great cleaning tool that is easy to use and offers good value for money. It performs well in removing lint and dust from surfaces. However, some customers find cleaning challenging once they finish the job.

What Do Customers Think of the Stick It Roller?

Customers generally have positive things to say about the Stick It Roller. Most people who use the product report that it does a great job of picking up dirt and dust from carpets, rugs, and other surfaces. They also appreciate that it’s lightweight, easy to use, and requires no additional cleaning products.

Many customers also comment on how practical the sticky side of the roller is. Many say that it can pick up even the finest dust and dirt particles, making it great for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to dust.

The only complaint that some customers have is that the stickiness can wear off over time. However, the company offers an additional stickiness solution to help combat this issue. Customers are satisfied with their Stick It Rollers and would recommend them to others.

The Pros and Cons of the Stick It Roller


1. The Stick It Roller is a convenient and effective cleaning tool that can save time and effort when cleaning surfaces. 

2. It works on nearly any surface and can be reused multiple times without losing its stickiness.

3. It is easy to use, fast-drying, and can reach areas that are hard to get to with traditional cleaning tools. 

4. Its special adhesive pads will pick up even the most stubborn dirt and dust, making it great for deep cleaning.


1. The adhesive pads can become worn out over time, so they must be replaced periodically.

2. The rollers could be better for cleaning glass or smooth surfaces, as they may scratch them. 

3. The rollers may not be able to reach into tight spaces or narrow crevices. 

4. The adhesive pads must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging with dirt and dust.

Is Stick It Rollers Worth It?

The answer is a resounding yes! Stick It Rollers is an innovative and convenient product that makes cleaning more accessible. With its stick-it technology, it can easily cling to any surface. 

It can be used for various tasks, including scrubbing, polishing, and even picking up dirt and debris. The stick-it adhesive can be easily removed with a simple swipe or scrub, leaving no residue behind. 

Customers have found it incredibly easy to use, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. It also dries quickly, meaning there’s no need to wait around for hours for your cleaning task to be finished. Stick It Rollers is an excellent value for the money, making it well worth the investment.


The Stick It Rollers is a unique and versatile product that can easily clean and easily remove dust, dirt, and pet hair from any surface. It is affordable, reusable, and effectively removes debris quickly and efficiently. 

Customers who have tried the Stick It Rollers have been impressed by their stickiness and the fact that they can easily be washed and reused multiple times. The Stick It Roller is also great for cleaning hard-to-reach places and delicate items, making it a valuable addition to any home. 

While there are some drawbacks, such as the stickiness wearing off over time and not being suitable for all surfaces, the Stick It Rollers is still an excellent product for those who want an easy and effective way to clean their home.

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