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Black Grimoire Odyssey Tier List 2023, Best Races and Classes Ranked

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Welcome to our article on the 'Black Grimoire Odyssey Tier List 2023, Best Races and Classes Ranked.'

In this highly popular game, players are presented with a diverse selection of races, each possessing unique abilities and strengths. From mastering powerful magic to excelling in combat skills, players must strategically choose their race to overcome challenges.

With customizable characters, immersive gameplay, and hidden treasures, Black Grimoire Odyssey offers an exciting and engaging experience.

Stay tuned as we delve into the tier rankings for races and classes, as well as unlockable codes and rewards to enhance your gameplay.

Tier 1 Races: The Most Powerful in Black Grimoire Odyssey

While all races in Black Grimoire Odyssey have their unique strengths, Tier 1 races, such as Demons and Dragons, stand out as the most powerful due to their exceptional abilities and unrivaled power.

These races possess a combination of extraordinary physical strength, magical prowess, and innate abilities that make them formidable opponents in combat. Demons, known for their dark and destructive powers, can unleash devastating spells and manipulate the elements to their advantage. Dragons, on the other hand, possess immense physical strength, sharp claws, and the ability to breathe fire, making them fearsome adversaries on the battlefield.

In contrast, the weakest races in Black Grimoire Odyssey are Humans and Tier 7 races, who lack the inherent abilities and strengths of their Tier 1 counterparts.

Tier 7 Races: The Weakest in Black Grimoire Odyssey

The Tier 7 races in Black Grimoire Odyssey, such as Humans, are characterized by their limited abilities and lack of inherent strengths compared to their more powerful counterparts. While playing as a Tier 7 race may initially seem challenging, there are still advantages to consider.

One advantage is the opportunity for personal growth and skill development, as players must strategize and work harder to overcome their weaknesses. Additionally, Tier 7 races often have more versatility and adaptability, allowing players to explore different playstyles and experiment with various strategies.

To overcome the weaknesses of Tier 7 races, players can focus on teamwork and collaboration, leveraging their unique skills to support and complement stronger allies. They can also invest in equipment and abilities that enhance their survival and utility, maximizing their effectiveness in combat.

With the right approach and determination, players can excel even with Tier 7 races in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Top-Tier Class: Royalty in Black Grimoire Odyssey

Royalty, as the highest-ranking class in Black Grimoire Odyssey, offers unparalleled advantages and opportunities for players to dominate the game world. Different races in Black Grimoire Odyssey possess unique abilities and strengths, which can complement the skills of the royalty class. For instance, choosing a race with powerful magic abilities can enhance the spellcasting prowess of a royalty character, while a race with exceptional combat skills can make them formidable warriors.

To maximize the potential of the royalty class, players should consider race synergies and develop strategies accordingly. Pairing a royalty character with a race that complements their strengths can create a powerful combination. Additionally, players should focus on leveling up their character's skills, acquiring powerful equipment, and mastering the combat system to fully utilize the advantages offered by the royalty class.

Second-Tier Class: Noble in Black Grimoire Odyssey

Ranking just below the top-tier class of Royalty, the Noble class in Black Grimoire Odyssey offers unique advantages and opportunities for players to excel in the game. To maximize the power of the noble class, players should consider the following strategies:

  1. Race Selection: The importance of race selection cannot be overstated in Black Grimoire Odyssey. Different races offer distinct abilities and strengths that can greatly impact gameplay. Choose a race that complements the noble class, such as the Elf for their agility or the Dwarf for their resilience.
  2. Skill Specialization: The noble class excels in both magic and combat skills. To maximize their power, players should focus on developing a balanced skill set that allows them to effectively utilize both aspects. This can be achieved by investing in both offensive and defensive abilities.
  3. Teamwork and Support: The noble class is highly versatile and can fulfill various roles in a team. By working together with other players and providing support, such as healing spells or buffs, nobles can enhance their effectiveness and contribute to the success of the group.

Third-Tier Class: Peasant in Black Grimoire Odyssey

With its lower ranking and limited abilities, the third-tier Peasant class in Black Grimoire Odyssey presents a challenging gameplay experience for players.

The Peasant race in Black Grimoire Odyssey has a few notable strengths that players can utilize. They possess a high level of endurance, making them resilient in battles. Peasants also have a natural affinity for farming and agriculture, allowing them to excel in gathering resources and providing sustenance for their allies.

However, the Peasant race also faces several weaknesses and challenges. They lack specialized combat skills and magical abilities, making them less effective in direct confrontations. Additionally, Peasants may struggle to compete with higher-tier classes that possess stronger abilities and powers.

Players who choose the Peasant class in Black Grimoire Odyssey must rely on strategy, teamwork, and resourcefulness to overcome these obstacles and succeed in their quests.

Unlocking Codes and Rewards in Black Grimoire Odyssey

Players eagerly search for the elusive codes that unlock valuable rewards in Black Grimoire Odyssey, enhancing their gaming experience.

Here are three strategies for maximizing the use of codes and rewards in the game:

  1. Stay updated: Codes are often time-limited, so it's crucial to stay informed about new codes through official announcements, social media, and gaming communities. Being proactive ensures that players don't miss out on any valuable rewards.
  2. Share with others: Players can benefit from collaborating with others to uncover codes. Joining forums or online communities dedicated to Black Grimoire Odyssey can provide access to a network of fellow players who can share codes and strategies.
  3. Experiment and strategize: Players can experiment with different codes to find the most valuable rewards. Some codes may provide in-game currency, while others may unlock exclusive items or abilities. Strategizing and planning in advance can help players make the most out of the rewards they obtain.

Choosing the right race and class is also important in Black Grimoire Odyssey. Each race has unique abilities and strengths, while each class offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Careful consideration of race and class can greatly impact a player's gameplay experience and success in the game.


In conclusion, Black Grimoire Odyssey offers players a diverse and immersive gaming experience, with a wide range of races and classes to choose from. The tier list provides valuable information on the strengths and weaknesses of each race, helping players make informed decisions for their gameplay.

Additionally, the game's dynamic combat system, customizable characters, and hidden treasures make for an exciting adventure. By utilizing unlock codes and rewards, players can enhance their gameplay and further immerse themselves in the Black Grimoire Odyssey universe.