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Coles Points Scam Explained – A Revealing Insight

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The importance of loyalty programs in a customer’s shopping experience is undeniable. However, with their growing popularity, these programs have become susceptible to exploitation and scams.

One such scam that became prevalent in the Australian market was titled the “Coles Points Scam.” Coles is a well-known Australian supermarket chain, and their loyalty program known as Flybuys was unfortunately targeted.

Unmasking the Coles Points Scam

The Coles Points Scam involved scam emails targeting Flybuys members, tricking unsuspecting customers into providing sensitive information such as bank details and Flybuys account details.

These scam emails were designed to look like official correspondence from Coles, often asking customers to update their details for account security reasons or promising bonus points if certain details were supplied.

The Impact of the Scam

The scam has had a diverse range of impacts. It does not only put an individual’s information at risk but also impacts the credibility and authenticity of the loyalty program.

Scam victims who inadvertently gave away their details might witness unwanted deductions from their bank accounts or find their Flybuys points stolen. It critically undermines customer trust, which is the backbone of any successful loyalty program.

Detecting the Scam

In most cases, these fraudulent emails possess certain characteristics that can help in identifying them. Scam emails may use generic greetings, contain poor grammar or punctuation, and many times their email address doesn’t match the company’s official email format.

Furthermore, they often ask customers to disclose sensitive information via email, a practice that authenticated organizations usually avoid.

Safeguarding Against the Scam

To safeguard against such scams, customers are encouraged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.

They should never provide sensitive personal information via email. Additionally, customers should always verify the email’s sender and be wary of any email that incites urgency or threatens a consequence if not addressed immediately.

Coles flybuys members are advised to keep their membership details secure and to only log in to their account through the official flybuys site.

Response from Coles

In response to the scam, Coles alerted its customers to these deceptive emails through its website and social media platforms.

The supermarket chain also assured victims that it’s working closely with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to address the issue.

In addition, the company utilized the incident to reiterate the importance of not sharing personal or financial information through any unverified digital platforms.


As scams become more sophisticated and convincing, staying one step ahead can be challenging. The Coles Points Scam serves as a reminder to maintain vigilance in the digital world, especially when dealing with financial or personal data.

Companies, too, must take proactive steps to ensure their systems’ security and invest in awareness initiatives to educate their customers regarding potential scams.

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