7 Best Soccer Backpacks in 2023- (Find the Perfect One)

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The best soccer backpack can make your life as an athlete easier. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been playing the game since before you could walk, this guide will help you find the perfect backpack to keep your gear safe and in good condition between games and practices—and during them!

If you’re looking for something with more space or want to protect against different kinds of weather, there are several options available that can fit your needs perfectly. Find the right one today!

Our Picks for the Best Soccer Backpacks In 2023

Finding a good soccer backpack can seem like an impossible task. There are so many options and all of them seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make this process easier, we’ve created a list of the 7 best soccer backpacks in 2022. We hope this will make it easier to find a great bag!

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Best Soccer Backpacks

Getting Started with Soccer Backpack

A soccer backpack is needed to carry all of your soccer equipment, but which one should you get? That depends on what kind of player you are. You can find out which backpack best suits your needs by examining the following factors. What type of player are you?

What size bag do you need? Do you need compartments or pockets in your bag and how many will they be? How much money do you want to spend on a bag and what color do you want it in? Below we have seven great soccer backpacks that suit a variety of players.

1. Athletico Youth Soccer Bag – Soccer Backpack

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This soccer ball backpack has ample storage space for carrying all of your equipment. Durable polyester and nylon fabric provide protection against rain, mud, dirt, and more. Features include a separate cleat compartment as well as a vented ball compartment which is perfect for keeping balls from getting wet during practice or games when it rains.

This bag also features padded adjustable straps to keep it comfortable even if you’re running through the rain! Comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy so order today with confidence that we’ll replace any product found defective upon inspection.

The Athletico Youth Soccer Bag is the perfect way to haul your gear to and from soccer practice. The front ball compartment has space for carrying a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, or football while the bottom compartment vented with cleat compartments keeps shoes/cleats separate and odor free.

Made with durable poly clothes fabric it’s lightweight yet rugged enough to withstand rain, mud, or dirt allowing players to carry their gear in all weather conditions. Product Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 24 inches.

2. Soccer Ball Bag-Backpack for Basketball Volleyball

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This ball bag backpack has many compartments that make it easy to store anything. It is made out of durable polyester and ripstop fabrics which provides extra strength while being lightweight enough to carry around all types of balls, shoes, clothes, laptops, etc.

The front compartment has a separate design for cleats/sports shoes so you can keep the stink out as well as having an inside sleeve capable of holding 13-17 inch laptops while also making sure everything stays dry with its waterproof PVC material. For added comfortability, this backpack comes with a back part made out of sandwich mesh material which helps heat dissipation and breathability overall!

You’re ready for practice, a workout, or a day at the beach with this soccer ball bag backpack. This polyester and ripstop backpack are durable enough to carry all types of balls, shoes, clothes laptops. Provide extra strength and long-lasting performance with the lightest weight possible as well as withstand rain dirt dust.

Separate cleat design front ball compartments perfect for carrying soccer basketball volleyball football baseball ..bottom compartment set hole vented to carry your cleats or sports shoes keeps stink out.

3. Youth Soccer Bags- Boys Girls Soccer Backpack

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Boys and Girls Soccer Bags- Youth Soccer Backpack. This soccer backpack has everything you need for a day of fun with friends on the field. The bottom compartment features cleat storage, as well as side mesh pockets for water bottles or knee pads.

The front ball compartment is perfect for carrying your soccer ball, shoes, and other gear. The back compartment can hold some jerseys, socks, and necessities such as cell phone chargers or hair ties so they’re always handy when you need them most.

Youth Soccer Bags is committed to creating excellent football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports equipment. This Youth Soccer Bag has everything your soccer player needs including a cleat compartment that keeps the stink out.

Side mesh pockets store water bottles or knee pads while back storage holds jerseys, socks, and necessities too! Durable 600D fabric with reflective strips on the sides of the bag and ventilation vents reduce odors inside the bag caused by sweat & dirt

4. YOREPEK Soccer Bag Soccer Backpack with Ball Compartment

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YOREPEK Soccer Bag, Soccer Backpack with Ball Compartment. It’s always soccer season when you have this bag! Designed to be a lightweight, yet spacious way to carry your gear around during practice and games. It features an easy-to-clean design that has two mesh pockets on each side for water bottles and umbrellas/leg pads respectively.

There are also zipper pockets on both sides of the backpack which can store some snacks or knee pads as well as hook rings in front and shoulder straps that allow keys or eyeglasses to hang off them conveniently.

Inside the backpack, there is even a large compartment where you can put items such as wallets or laptops so they’re safe while running back onto the field after school without worrying about them being stolen out of your bag along the way!

For soccer lovers and athletes alike, this backpack has it all! Not only does it come with a ball compartment for size 5 soccer balls or basketballs, but there’s also another separate area at the top to carry shoes.

The main compartment can hold your soccer accessories like sweatshirts, leg pads, and wristbands. You can use this as a bag while training for matches or leagues too–it’s perfect for storing sports equipment when traveling in cars or buses on team trips!

5. Himal Outdoors Soccer Bag- Backpack for Soccer

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The Himal Outdoors Soccer Bag-Backpack for Soccer is made of durable polyester and nylon fabrics which makes it lightweight but robust enough to withstand rain, dirt, and dust.

It features a front ball compartment perfect for carrying soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, or footballs as well as cleats or shoes while the back compartment can hold some clothes and necessities. Its excellent design with vents ensures that air circulates around them making them more comfortable to wear.

Tired of lugging around a big heavy bag while you play soccer? Introducing the Himal Outdoors Soccer Bag-Backpack for Soccer. Our backpack features separate compartments to store your clothes and gear so that it’s easier than ever before to travel with everything in one convenient place.

With its durable polyester fabric and vented design, this bag is perfect for soccer enthusiasts who love playing outside but don’t want their stuff getting dirty!

6. BROTOU Soccer Bag Basketball Backpack

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This soccer bag has a high capacity and is perfect for carrying sport gears, including big front zipped mesh compartment. It can hold up to 35L of gear which includes shoes or dirty clothes.

The BROTOU Soccer Bag Basketball Backpack’s design features vents that allow air circulation to prevent dust from accumulating in the personal compartment and keeping odors at bay.

Additionally, this sports equipment bag is made of durable materials making it tough enough to withstand rain, dirt, dust etc., as well as ensuring easy fitting inside with its sturdy zipper allowing you quick access when needed during games/practice time etc.

With its Laptop Compartment that fits up to 17 inch laptop plus 3 side pockets +1 elastic mesh pocket on the outside for your other personal items; this backpack not only looks stylish but also practical too!

7. ESTARER Soccer Bag Backpack

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This nylon backpack has everything you need and more! With a padded laptop divider, 2 pen slots, 2 mesh pockets, 1 open pocket and zipper closed pocket this bag is perfect for school or work. It also has plenty of room to store all your sports equipment with helmet storage space as well as vented shoe compartment.

This soccer bag backpack is perfect for carrying your sports equipment when going to practice or playing a game. It has plenty of room inside, as well as organized pockets and compartments that keep everything neat and tidy.

Made from durable nylon material with plenty of space for storing whatever you need this pack also features mesh ball compartment, side pocket for shoes up to 12 inches wide and more!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Different Types of Bags?

Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, but in this post, we are going to discuss the two types that are most popular with soccer players. Here is a quick rundown of each type and its pros and cons.

Pros include not getting as sweaty because they’re on your back, being more versatile because you can use them for many other sports, being more breathable because it’s against your body instead of sitting on top like a backpack, comfortable to wear while riding public transportation.

Cons include sometimes not being big enough for what you need to carry around during practices or games. When looking at shoulder bags, make sure to get one with plenty of pockets for storage.

Pros include usually having an adjustable strap so you can have it higher up if you have long arms or lower down if you have short arms; easier to fit bulky items inside since they open up flat; easy access since everything is right there and easy to grab things out of.

Selecting a Bag Based on Age, Height, Weight, and Skill Level

When picking a bag to carry around soccer gear, it’s important to consider what type of player you are. To help you determine which bag is best for you, here are some important questions to answer when choosing your perfect backpack. Are you looking for a lightweight bag?

Do you prefer one that stays securely on your back even when you’re running around? Are we looking for one with lots of storage compartments or just a few compartments? Is comfort your priority? What about protection from the elements? The 7 best soccer backpacks in 2022 offer different features, so check out this post to find the perfect one for you!

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Bag

Most of the backpacks are designed for specific sports. But you want a bag that can work with any sport. Plus, it’s important to consider if your child will be carrying the backpack on their front or back. And how much gear they need to carry!

To find the perfect bag, start by considering what your child needs from a soccer backpack and then choose from this list of five options. The models range in price and function but all have plenty of storage space. The best thing about these bags is that they come in many different colors so there is something for everyone. Keep reading to see the top 7 soccer backpacks in 2022!


Your backpack is an investment, whether you’re a professional athlete or just a coach on your soccer team. It’s important to find a sturdy bag that will be able to withstand all of the wear and tear over time. Look for bags with thick padding on the straps and back as well as reinforced seams and zippers. We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite backpacks available right now, so you can find one that suits your needs!


The durability of the backpack is crucial. A good backpack will last years and carry plenty of weight without falling apart or splitting at seams. This part is also important because you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a backpack that won’t last very long. You should look for backpacks made with durable materials like nylon, canvas, or leather.


A backpack is the most fundamental necessity that any soccer player should carry with them when they are out on the field.
They offer a safe place to store all of your soccer gear and clothing in one place, as well as provide you with a free hand to carry water or other items with you. There are lots of different types of backpacks available from brands like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour so it can be tough to find which is best for you.

Water Resistance

A common misconception is that water resistance is a mere luxury or afterthought. Water resistance does, in fact, work wonders for longevity and protection of your gear, as well as peace of mind.
This incredible technology reduces all risks associated with exposure to water, both inside and outside of the bag. A waterproof bag keeps everything safe from rips and tears so you don’t have to worry about leaks or loss in potential income from destroyed equipment.

Value for money

Not all soccer backpacks are created equal. If you need a new one in order to carry your gear from game to game, it’s important to make sure you get one that is durable and has plenty of room for both your soccer cleats and protective gear. Keep scrolling to see a list of our seven favorite soccer backpacks, sorted by value for money. They all come highly rated on Amazon with over 100 reviews each!


The backpack needs to be comfortable in order to make sure that it doesn’t start bothering you while you’re wearing it. Check the straps and adjust them if they’re too tight or too loose and check how well padded the bag is on both your back and where it sits against your back. If there’s enough padding, then you should get a smooth ride, but too little means a bumpy road ahead. A great way to see what makes an uncomfortable bag is to wear one around with weight in it before buying.


  1. The bag should have enough space to hold all of your supplies, including clothes, food, drinks, and equipment.
  2. The back panel of the bag needs padding to prevent soreness after you wear it for a long time.
  3. The bags should be made from water-resistant materials so your belongings will stay dry even if it rains or you accidentally spill something on them.


Black, burgundy, navy, green, and gold are some popular colors for soccer backpacks. With that said there is a lot of gray areas when it comes to picking out the perfect color. All you need to do is visit our store or read this blog post on which color will suit your needs best.


There are three different sizes of soccer backpacks to consider when purchasing one. The largest size is called a 4+4 and features 4 compartments, 2 on each side, which can fit water bottles and personal items. The medium size is called a 3+3 and has 3 compartments and also fits water bottles or other personal items. And lastly, there’s the smaller size called a 2+2 that has only two compartments.

Wrapping Up

If you love to play soccer and spend hours and hours on the field, you know how important it is to have the right soccer equipment to play your best game every time. But what about the rest of your equipment?

Your backpack could be causing you pain during games, especially if it’s not the right size or doesn’t have proper cushioning, or it could be uncomfortable if you have too much weight in it. To make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you go out onto the field, check out this guide on finding the best soccer backpack in 2022.

Now, you are prepared to head to the store or order online and find that perfect soccer backpack! Remember to think about which size you need as well as what your sport is. Remember, as well, that there are a wide variety of styles out there so don’t be afraid to look around before making your final decision.