11 Best Gaming Backpacks in 2023 (Choose the Right One)

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If you’re looking to buy the best gaming backpacks in 2022, you’ve come to the right place! I have researched and reviewed over 15 of the top brands in the industry, and below are my top picks. But before I get into my list, let me first talk about what to look for when shopping for one of these products.

A gaming backpack doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg; in fact, many gaming backpacks can fit your budget quite nicely, allowing you to keep your hard-earned money right where it belongs—in your wallet.

If you’re looking for the best gaming backpack, though, be prepared to spend a little bit more cash on this piece of tech-related equipment, but know that investing in the best gaming backpack can give you access to lots of extra features that will make gaming on the go much easier and even more fun!

Best Gaming Laptop Backpacks in 2023

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Backpacks for Gaming Laptops – Buyer’s Guide

Since a gaming laptop is significantly more expensive than your average laptop, you might want to consider getting a backpack that’s specifically designed with added padding and other features tailored for gaming equipment. Not only will this ensure your pricey device stays protected at all times, but it’ll also make lugging it around much easier.

A gaming laptop can weigh up to 8 pounds, so without proper protection and ergonomic design, you’re likely going to experience some pain on the way home from work. When choosing one of these bags, there are two main things you should keep in mind: how big is your backpack? And what are its primary protective features? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!

Best Gaming Backpacks

1) The Best Overall Gaming Backpack: FENRUIEN 17.3-Inch Hard Shell Laptop Backpack

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This backpack has been designed to meet your everyday needs as well as your traveling needs. The Triple anti-theft design offers a dual layer TSA smart customs lock design that can protect the security of the items in this hard shell backpack, and also features a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back of this laptop backpack that protects valuable items from thieves(Please don’t set a password before reading instructions).

The roomy main compartment fits books, files, chargers keys daily carry stuff, and more with room for expansion. The shock absorption padded computer sleeve provides extra protection for electronic devices such as laptops up to 17 inches wide.

Are you traveling with your laptop? No problem. Pack it in our FENRUIEN anti-theft backpack, which has a special ratio PC&ABS hard shell and high-density waterproof oxford on the outside, shock-absorbing RB wave point cotton, and tear-resistant polyester on the inside.

As well as TSA smart customs lock design to protect the security of items inside. With a hidden back pocket for valuable items against thieves and a roomy main compartment to hold books, files chargers keys daily carry stuff, etc., this travel bag is ready for anything

2) The Closest to Perfection Gaming Backpack: KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack 18.4 Inch Gaming Backpack

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Meet KROSER’s newest laptop backpack. This large 18.4-inch laptop backpack is durable and has enough room for most laptops with up to 18x13x10 inches dimensions. It also features separate compartments and pockets which can provide plenty of space for your computer, iPad, power bank, A4 files, wallet pens cards clothes, etc.

The zippered pocket on the front offers protection against theft while mesh side pockets offer a secure storage area for umbrellas water bottles wallets sunglasses phones iPhone chargers cables keys notebooks snacks pets etc.

Traveling has never been easier thanks to this KROSER 18.4 Laptop Backpack, which can accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop plus an iPad and other gadgets.

Made from durable water-repellent ballistic fabric, this backpack features four zippered compartments including a separate compartment for the computer and tablet as well as two side pockets for storing smaller items such as your cell phone or umbrella when you’re on the go.

With an included USB port that makes it easy to charge your electronics while traveling without cables sticking out everywhere, there’s no reason not to take advantage of our KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack today!

3) Sleek and Stylish Gaming Backpack: Lenovo Legion Active Gaming Backpack

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The Lenovo Legion Active Gaming Backpack is a testament to what gaming and gamers could be. Forged from recycled PET materials, this 17-inch laptop bag was designed to enable eco-conscious gamers to lead the culture towards a greener future.

But our gaming backpack doesn’t forgo quality; we didn’t forget about essential features like easy access front pockets for your gadgets, a waterproof cap, and base made of coated recycled PET materials for durability, or a well-padded backrest and adjustable padded shoulder straps that make it comfortable carry this backpack around all day long.

Easy access front pockets allow you to grab your gadgets without any hassle while the water bottle pocket and multi-functional accessory storage give you plenty of space for all those necessary things including a mouse pad, headphones, etc.,

This eco-friendly backpack’s waterproof cap and base are made out of coated recycled PET material which makes it highly durable yet environmentally friendly! A well-padded backrest with adjustable padded shoulder straps provides comfort when carrying this lightweight backpack around campus or at work.

4. Extra Large 18.4-inch Gaming Laptop Backpacks

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The business travel backpack has enough space to hold your laptop, tablet, and other daily essentials while you’re traveling. Its durable, RFID-blocking anti-theft design also makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor activities such as college school backpacks or camping gear bags.

This Extra Large Laptop Backpack has multiple compartments that offer excellent protection for 2 laptops and a tablet. Fits most 18, 19 & 17 laptops including Dell XPS 18 10 Series / Asus Rog G752VL-DH71 / Asus G752VT / Asus G752JZ series Gaming Laptops; Alienware Acer HP Lenovo, etc.

This extra large backpack is perfect for outdoor activities including hiking and school backpacks etc.; At checkpoint airport security it unfolds 90-180 degrees making you quickly through the airport security without any trouble; With this big backpack carrying around 2 computers plus other items like clothes becomes much easier; Designed with durable material including quality nylon fabrics which has a long life span while maintaining lightweight qualities.

5. TIMBUK2 x ASTRO Gaming BP35 Backpack

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The BP35 Backpack has been created to deliver the ultimate loadout for gamers on the go. Padded pockets hold 2 16 laptops and 1 tablet; additional interior pockets securely house headsets, mix amps, chords, and controllers. The main clamshell pocket comfortably fits clothes, shoes, and more for weekend travel.

The BP35 is the ultimate backpack for gamers looking to take their gear on the go, whether they’re heading across town or abroad. Outfitted with three padded pockets that fit up to two 16 laptops and one tablet, an additional interior pocket safely houses your headset, mix amp, and chords/controllers—plus there’s even more space inside of this bag than meets the eye thanks to its expandable main clamshell pocket that fits clothes as well as shoes.

With dimensions of 35 liters and total volume capacity when expanded; this pack is perfect for storing clothes during travel or weekend trips out of town. Equipped with clever extras such as water-resistant fabric and components; a ventilated EVA back panel; secure magnetic fold-over front pocket; reflective hazard print detailing along with dual zippering water bottle pockets–our mission was simple: design the AFK loadout you’ll never want to leave behind no matter where life takes you.

6. Refutuna Hard Shell Laptop Backpack for Men

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Introducing Refutuna Hard Shell Laptop Backpack, A New Design High-Quality Men’s Travel Bag. The shell of this backpack is hard and unusual. The PC&ABS material provides excellent toughness and wears resistance while maintaining lightweight qualities.

It also features a polyester lining that makes it comfortable against the skin, both inside and out! When using the charging port, note that USB-A male corresponds to USB-A female, and USB-C male corresponds to USB-C female. Do not cross-connect Type A and Type C; zipper closure for safety purposes; hand washes only (the backpack contains a silica gel desiccant pack).

Front PC&ABS hardshell is waterproof and scratch-resistant. Back shock-absorbing pearl cotton helps to relieve the pressure on your shoulders and stay comfortable. The polyester lining is durable and soft, both preventing the fabric from fraying and protecting your computer from scratches.

And together they protect your computer from accidents and drops. Our Refutuna Hard Shell Laptop Backpack for Men features * Waterproof front PC&ABS hardshell. * Breathable back shock absorbing pearl cotton. * Durable polyester lining which prevents any fraying.

7. BOPAI Gaming Laptop Backpack

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Our BOPAI Gaming Laptop Backpack was made specifically for gamers. It’s designed to keep your computer and all its accessories safe, secure, and easily accessible no matter where you are headed. It also has a lot of extra compartments which give it plenty of room to store clothes or other items while traveling as well as water bottle holders on both sides!

There is also a retractable TPU handle in case you have another bag too full or something just doesn’t fit in the backpack but needs to be carried along with it such as luggage/suitcase etc

Perfect for carrying a laptop or gaming PC, this backpack features an ergonomic design that prevents heat and sweat. Constructed with hard EVA material for durability as well as protection against sharp objects, it’s perfect for everyday use.

It also includes waterproofing material to protect your computer from water damage and plenty of space in its main compartment to store accessories while still remaining slim enough to carry comfortably on your back when you’re traveling by air. A retractable TPU handle provides a comfortable grip. Lightweight construction. Rear opening type 45-degree opening position double zipper. Backpack straps can pack your back on luggage/suitcase.

8. KINGSLONG Hard Shell 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

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Do you want to buy a durable backpack that’s able to fit up to 17 inches of laptops? Look no further than this KINGSLONG Hard Shell Laptop Backpack. Made out of high-quality polyester fabric and 600D film material, it weighs only 1.97 pounds but is strong enough for carrying heavy laptops without wearing down or ripping apart easily; perfect for people who are always on the go! The backpack features comfortable shoulder straps made out of breathable sponge materials so that they don’t wear down over time; it also has sturdy handles should one choose not to use their shoulders instead!

Keep your laptop safe while traveling with this sleek hard-shell backpack. This 17-inch hard-shell laptop backpack is the perfect choice for business travelers who want to protect their laptops and other valuables when they’re away from home. Its padded compartment protects up to a 17-inch computer, plus it has space inside for cables, a mouse, a charger cord, and much more! You’ll also find an organizational panel in front of the main zipper pocket where you can store smaller items such as notebooks or pens so they’re easy to access when you need them most.

The KINGSLONG Hard Shell 17-Inch Laptop Backpack features durable construction that ensures maximum protection for your laptop and other electronic devices. It also has waterproof fabric for additional weather protection and a USB charging port to charge electronics without having to remove them from the backpack. It also has enough roomy space inside for daily usage items or necessities when going out of town

9. EVERKI Atlas Business Laptop Backpack

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The EVERKI Atlas Laptop Backpack features a dual compartment design that allows you to carry your laptop and tablet simultaneously, without removing them from their protective cases. This backpack has an integrated trolley handle pass-through so it can be stacked on top of luggage for easy transport through security checkpoints that accept Checkpoint Friendly bags.

The side pockets are perfect for storing water bottles or other items you may need quick access to during the day. With padded shoulder straps and a five-point balance strap system, this bag evenly distributes weight making it comfortable to wear over long periods of time while reducing fatigue on your shoulders, back, and neck

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, keep your laptop and tablet safe with this backpack. A Checkpoint Friendly bag means less time waiting to go through security as it opens up 180 degrees so laptops slide out easily when necessary.

Use the top access pocket to store valuables while keeping other frequently used items within easy reach in the side pockets. For extended comfort on longer walks, load up our Atlas Business Laptop Backpack using its trolley handle pass-through feature which allows stacking atop luggage too!

10. Acer Predator Utility Gaming Backpack

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With dedicated compartments for heavy, light, big and small items alike; this backpack was made for war. So brandish your gear and suit up with Predator Utility Gaming Backpack.

The cushioned mesh back panel allows airflow through ventilation while protecting from rain thanks to water-repellent coating protection on zippers. Inside is a pocket specifically designed to hold headphones or power adapter brick plus plenty of space for personal belongings such as laptop computers and notebooks.

Gaming gear has never looked this good. Acer Predator Utility Gaming Backpack is perfect for gamers who demand more from their backpacks than just a place to store their equipment.

With padded shoulder straps, an ergonomic harness, and plenty of compartments for storing everything you need in style-your laptop included-, it’s the best bag around town. Product Descriptions are intended only as examples; please do not copy them verbatim.

11. MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack

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With the MSI Urban Raider Laptop Backpack, you’ll never have to worry about carrying your laptop again. Made of polyester and quick access mesh fabric exterior with an IPX-2 water repellent rating, this backpack is perfect for those who need a lightweight bag that holds up to 17 laptops without taking up too much space.

Other features include dual side pockets that hold two water bottles and storage compartments on top as well as inside where it also has padded mesh protection for when transporting a computer. There’s even a rain cover in case it starts raining unexpectedly while out traveling!

MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack. The MSI Urban Raider is a durable laptop backpack with quick access storage, mesh ventilation, and a lightweight polyester exterior. The bag fits up to 17-inch laptops and has additional slots for storing accessories.

It also features dual water bottle holders as well as a top handle carrying strap, chest strap, and roller luggage straps making it ideal for traveling through airports or city streets alike while keeping your gear secure at all times.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gaming Backpacks

A good gaming backpack has a few important features. For starters, the best backpacks will have a dedicated computer compartment that is fully padded.

This protects your laptop or tablet and makes sure it doesn’t get scratched up during travel. On top of that, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room on either side of your computer so you can store your power supply as well as other gadgets, like a mouse or external hard drive.


If you’re taking your gaming laptop on the go with you, a good gaming backpack is a must. These backpacks provide just enough protection from environmental hazards, theft, and bumps and bruises.

More importantly, they provide safe storage for all of your electronics, so if anything were to happen during transit or at your destination, you don’t lose all of your work.

Backpack Comfort

If you’re looking for a comfortable gaming backpack, you want one that is sturdy but lightweight. Any pack that has less padding will be more comfortable on your back, but it might not be able to take as much weight and may end up uncomfortable after a while.

Try choosing a middle ground- too much padding might end up getting hot, so choose enough to support the weight of your gear without getting too warm.

Bag Material

Fabric-based backpacks are typically more comfortable and have a better ventilation system. However, if you’re looking for a backpack that is built with durability and affordability in mind, then a leather backpack would be perfect.

The cool thing about leather backpacks is that they can also be personalized with different design tools like heat stamps or laser cuts. Plus, there’s nothing worse than having your bag give out on you during an epic gaming session (sorry!).

Laptop compartment size

First, consider your laptop size. You may have a small or large laptop and need a backpack that is compatible with either one. Also, if you like having a charging cable and power bank nearby, make sure there is enough room for those items.

Finally, look at what type of ventilation there is as this can help you stay comfortable if you are playing video games outside on hot days. Now you know how to find the best gaming backpack for you!

Sufficient Space in Bag

No matter how great your gaming laptop is, it’s not going to do you any good if you don’t have a proper bag for it. Picking a backpack can be difficult because of all the different options out there but fear not! There are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your purchase.

First, consider your laptop size. Laptops vary drastically in size and shape so it may seem like there is no possible way to find one that fits yours exactly, but that’s not true! Most backpacks have adjustable straps that allow them to fit most laptops up to 17. If you’re looking for something smaller, or bigger, there are plenty of options available as well.

Which backpacks are best for gaming laptops?

Gaming laptops have become a standard staple of the modern world. They are powerful, portable, and completely capable of handling games at high graphical settings with ease.

However, there is one problem that many gamers experience when they try to transport their laptop–that’s whether or not it will fit into their backpack. Fortunately, there are several great options out there for gamers who want a durable, protective solution for transporting their gaming laptop as well as all of their necessary accessories.

What should you keep in a laptop backpack?

If you are looking for a backpack with a compartment large enough to fit your laptop, it should come with a padded compartment specifically designed to store a laptop securely. Additionally, since most people will use the bag as their only storage system when traveling, make sure that there is ample space available inside of the bag.

Some gaming backpacks come with additional compartments and pockets which can be used to organize small items such as chargers and cables. The backpack should also have adjustable straps so that it can be carried like a duffel bag or slung over one shoulder.

What is a Gaming Backpack?

A gaming backpack is a carry-on bag designed specifically for gamers. It often has designated compartments with extra space and different padding, designed to store game consoles, controllers, wires, controllers, headphones, and other accessories. A gamer backpack makes it easier to transport your gear without risking damage or harming other passengers on an airplane.

A gaming backpack also has storage spaces specifically designated for carrying personal items such as a laptop or tablet so that they’re always easily accessible when you need them. A gaming backpack is a type of backpack specifically designed for gamers.

These backpacks usually come with additional compartments and organizers that can store different parts of your computer as well as accessories like headphones, chargers, and anything else you might need on the go. Some also have a special pocket that is ideal for storing your mouse or keyboard to keep them from cluttering up the rest of your backpack.

Wrapping Up

Picking out a gaming backpack can be difficult and many factors need to be considered. Does it need to carry other things? Is it for school or personal use? What type of games will you play with this backpack? There are many considerations when choosing one, so how do you narrow down your options? With so many on the market, deciding on one might feel like an impossible task.

But if you take into account all the factors I mentioned before, then it should make narrowing down your choices much easier. It is important to note that some backpacks work better for certain people than others depending on their needs and preferences. To wrap up my blog post, here are the 11 best gaming backpacks in 2022!