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Eternights Scavenge Guide, Where to Find All Missing Items in Eternights?

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Welcome to our professional guide on finding all the missing items in the highly anticipated video game, Eternights. Developed and published by Studio Sai, Eternights combines dating and action role-playing, offering players an immersive and engaging experience.

This comprehensive guide will explore various locations where you can scavenge for items to build relationships with game characters. By successfully locating these items, you will earn White Essence and increase the liking of your love interests.

Join us on this quest to uncover hidden treasures in Eternights.

Warehouse Items: Towels, Shoes, Batteries, and More

The warehouse contains a variety of items, including towels, shoes, batteries, and more, making it a prime location for scavenging in Eternights. When it comes to increasing liking with love interests in Eternights, finding missing items plays a crucial role.

By successfully locating these items in the warehouse, players can earn White Essence, a valuable currency that can be used to enhance their relationship with love interests.

Additionally, finding missing items provides several benefits. Firstly, it allows players to strengthen their bond with love interests, as giving them the items they need demonstrates care and thoughtfulness.

Secondly, it unlocks new dialogue options and interactions, deepening the connection between the protagonist and their love interest.

Lastly, it contributes to the overall progression of the game, unlocking new storylines and character development opportunities.

Library Items: Picture Frames, Books, Candles, and More

There are numerous items to discover in the library, including a variety of picture frames, books, candles, and more, making it a treasure trove for scavenging in Eternights. The library in Eternights not only serves as a source of knowledge but also holds valuable items that can be used strategically to enhance your relationships with love interests.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Creative uses for picture frames in Eternights:
  • Decorate your base: Displaying picture frames can add a personal touch to your living space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Gift for love interests: Customize picture frames with meaningful photos and give them as gifts to your love interests, showing thoughtfulness and creating memorable moments.
  1. The significance of candles in Eternights' romance mechanics:
  • Romantic ambiance: Candles can be used to set a romantic mood during intimate moments with your love interests, fostering deeper connections.
  • Symbol of passion: Lighting candles during special occasions or dates can symbolize passion and ignite sparks of romance.

Convenience Store Items: Snacks, Pads, Coffee Beans, and More

Explore a wide range of convenience store items, including snacks, pads, coffee beans, and more, to fulfill your needs and preferences in Eternights.

In this discussion, let's focus on how convenience store items can play a role in impressing your love interest and the importance of coffee beans in building relationships.

When it comes to impressing your love interest in Eternights, snacks can be a great way to show your thoughtfulness and consideration. Choose snacks that your love interest enjoys and surprise them with their favorite treats. It's a small gesture that can go a long way in making them feel special.

Coffee beans also hold significance in building relationships in Eternights. Sharing a cup of coffee with your love interest can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The act of brewing coffee together and enjoying a warm beverage can foster meaningful conversations and deepen your connection.

Unique Items at Each Location to Win Over Love Interests

At each location in Eternights, players can discover unique items that can be used to win over their love interests. These items play a crucial role in building specific relationships and increasing the liking of love interests towards the protagonist.

Here are four examples of unique items found in each location:

  1. Warehouse: Players can scavenge for items such as towels, shoes, batteries, and even a flamethrower. These items can be used strategically to impress love interests and gain their favor.
  2. Library: Picture frames, books, candles, and board games are some of the unique items that can be found in the library. Using these items during interactions with love interests can help deepen the bond between the protagonist and the chosen love interest.
  3. Convenience store: Snacks, pads, coffee beans, and cleansing foam are among the unique items available in the convenience store. These items can be utilized to create memorable moments and strengthen the relationship with a specific love interest.
  4. Other locations: Apart from the main locations, players may also come across unique items in other places within the game. These items serve as valuable tools for forging connections and winning the hearts of love interests.

Eternights Gameplay: Combat, Elemental Gauge, and Special Abilities

During combat in Eternights, players can strategically unleash special abilities using SP and charge the Elemental Gauge for powerful Elemental Fist attacks. Eternights combat mechanics offer a dynamic and engaging experience for players.

To master combat in Eternights, here are some useful tips. First, it is crucial to learn the timing of dodging and blocking enemy attacks to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Additionally, mastering combos by chaining together different attacks will not only deal more damage but also allow players to accumulate hits for stronger attacks and finishers.

Furthermore, effectively utilizing the special abilities acquired from other characters using SP can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Lastly, charging the Elemental Gauge during attacks and unleashing powerful Elemental Fist attacks can deal massive damage to enemies.

Scavenge Items Locations: Warehouse, Library, and Convenience Store

The warehouse, library, and convenience store are the three locations where players can scavenge for missing items in Eternights. Here are some benefits of scavenging in Eternights:

  1. Resource Gathering: Scavenging allows players to collect essential items needed for building relationships with love interests in the game.
  2. White Essence: Successful scavenging grants players White Essence, which can be used to increase the liking of love interests towards the protagonist.
  3. Base Interactions: Scavenging provides an opportunity to interact with companions and love interests at the protagonist's base, fostering deeper connections.
  4. Unique Items: Each location offers a variety of unique items, such as towels, picture frames, snacks, and more, that can be used to win over love interests.

To efficiently scavenge in Eternights, players can employ the following strategies:

  1. Prioritize: Focus on searching for items that are specifically requested by love interests to maximize their liking.
  2. Time Management: Plan scavenging activities during nighttime to take advantage of potential interactions with love interests.
  3. Explore All Locations: Visit all three locations to gather a wide range of items and increase the chances of winning over love interests.
  4. Upgrade Skills: Strengthen combat and movement abilities to navigate the locations more efficiently and overcome potential obstacles.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide on finding all the missing items in Eternights provides valuable insight and strategies for players to win over their love interests.

By exploring the warehouse, library, and convenience store, players can scavenge for unique items that will increase their liking with the game's characters.

Additionally, the guide touches upon the gameplay mechanics of Eternights, including combat, dialogue options, and special abilities.

With this knowledge, players can embark on a scavenger quest and uncover all the hidden treasures in the game.