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Why Did Elon Musk Change the Twitter Logo to the Dogecoin – Explained

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Elon Musk is currently employing the style from Twitter by itself to create humorous (?) jokes.

On Monday, with no warning, The iconic Twitter bird logo on the button for home on the web version was changed to”the “doge” of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. (Twitter’s mobile apps were not changed.) The doge picture (of the Shiba Inu) appears as the symbol for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and blockchain it was developed as an unintentional joke in 2013 to poke fun at another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Musk purchased Twitter in the fall of last year in a deal worth $44 billion and is a renowned person who is a huge fan of the Doge meme and has promoted Dogecoin on Twitter as well as during his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Following the redesign of Twitter’s logo on Monday Dogecoin’s value jumped to more than 20 percent.

Why Did Elon Musk Change the Twitter Logo to the Dogecoin - Explained

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To explain the Doge logo’s changes via Twitter, Musk, currently, the world’s second richest person tweeted the following Twitter post on Monday saying, “As promised” -and included a photo of an exchange he held in March 2022, with a Twitter user who goes by the name of @WSBChairman.

Following Musk’s post in March 2022 before making his eventual bid to purchase Twitter, “Given that Twitter functions as an actual public town square, not being able to respect freedom of speech principles is fundamentally detrimental to the democratic process. What can we do?” @WSBChairman replied, “Just buy Justter… and make the bird logo an animal.” Musk responded, “Haha it’s a pity.”

The lawsuit is not intended to be a joke month of June 2022 Musk found himself receiving a lawsuit brought by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York which accused Musk of racketeering through the promotion of Dogecoin. Musk’s lawyers submitted a motion on Friday 31 March to have the suit dismissed. The time of Twitter’s icon changing to the Doge indicates that Musk is making fun of plaintiffs.

In addition among other things, the plaintiffs who filed suit against Musk and sought an astounding $2.5 billion in damages have pointed at his appearance during the week time show “SNL,” where on Weekend Update he portrayed a fake financial expert who described Dogecoin as to be a “hustle.”

According to the document filed by Musk’s legal team, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit do not have any proof that Musk’s remarks in support of Dogecoin were fraudulent or explained the risk Musk has allegedly concealed from investors. “[T]here is nothing unlawful about tweeting words of support for, or funny pictures about, a legitimate cryptocurrency that continues to hold a market cap of nearly $10 billion,” the statement reads. “Plaintiffs have had several opportunities to effectively argue their case, however, they’re unable to formulate any actionable argument. The court should end plaintiffs’ fantasies and remand the lawsuit.”

Dogecoin Prices Rally After Elon Musk Makes It Twitter’s Logo

Dogecoin DOGEUSD +4.93 percent prices increased on Tuesday following Elon Musk’s Twitter created a Shiba Inu dog which is the symbol for meme cryptocurrency. It’s also the logo used for the homepage of the social media platform. There’s a legitimate argument for the meme coin to be a bull.

The cost of Dogecoin has surged by 30% in the past 24 hours, following the announcement that Twitter has replaced its iconic logo of the bluebird Shiba Inu pet. Dogecoin is beating Bitcoin BTCUSD +2.00 percent and many other digital currencies.

Dogecoin Soars 30% After Elon Musk Replaces Twitter Logo With Doge Meme

Dogecoin has risen as high as 31% following the fact that users on Twitter users noticed that their home buttons had changed to the dog meme, after which the cryptocurrency was named.

A few Twitter users started to see some users began to notice the “home button” located in the upper left-hand corner of their browsers. It’s usually the solid blue bird of the company’s logo. It was replaced by an illustration depicting the Shiba Inu that is the avatar of the Doge meme, at approximately 1.45 p.m. New York Times.

Dogecoin increased up to 10.2 cents, up from 7.7 cents following the move. Doge has also begun to gain momentum on Twitter. The token retracted some gains and traded 8.6 percent higher by eleven a.m. at 11 a.m. in London.

The change came just only a few days after Twitter started making adjustments to its verification method. Certain accounts with what is known as old-fashioned verification, such as those of the New York Times, saw their checkmarks removed. Some have retained their checks and added an acknowledgment that they are Blue customers or old verified accounts.