Stephanie Drenka: Dallas Fashion, Travel, and Photography Blogger

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Stephanie Drenka is a well-known Dallas-based travel and fashion blogger who keeps fans up-to-date on her latest happenings in the world of fashion and travel, as well as her photographs from around the world.

To learn more about this fashionable blogger, keep reading to discover five quick facts about her; after you’re done reading those facts, head over to the Stephanie Drenka blog, where you can find out even more about her and her work!

Stephanie Drenka

About Stephanie Drenka Dallas, Fashion Travel Blogger Photographer?

Korean adoption author Stephanie KyeongSeon Drenka co-founded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society to research, preserve, and amplify the legacy of Asian Americans in Dallas.

Her previous position was Communications Director for Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation, part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 14-place initiative.

Additionally, she founded VISIBLE Magazine, an online publication that actively privileges the voices of those previously excluded from traditional media.

She is currently working as a communications specialist, a graduate of DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies.

A 2019-21 Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project, Stephanie’s photography and writing have appeared in Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, and Newsweek.

What are Topics Covered in Stephanie Drenka’s Blog

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas-based fashion, travel, and photography blogger. Her blog features posts about fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, drink, history, tech, life, and home decor.

Stephanie is an active traveller and photographer who shares her experiences with her readers through her blog posts. She also has a YouTube Channel with over 1 million subscribers.

She recently shared on her blog that she will launch a new website to share all of her content in one place this fall.

It will include articles, videos, product reviews, outfits and more. In the meantime, you can still find everything on her blog and social media accounts.

The YouTube channel includes weekly vlogs of her travels, outfit posts, beauty tutorials and other personal style topics. The blog consists of Stephanie’s daily outfits with tips for shopping online or in-store, as well as discussions on various issues, from travelling to eating healthy to cooking recipes.

She has a strong Instagram presence with over 120k followers, where she shares beautiful shots of her family vacationing, exploring around town and lifestyle images that bring inspiration to those following along. The Pinterest account shows inspirational ideas for living your best life while pursuing your passions.

How to Start your own Travel Blog

If you want to start your travel blog but don’t know where to start, this post is for you. I’ll outline everything from deciding what to blog about to choosing a domain name and web host.

The first thing you need to do when starting your blog is deciding what type of posts you will write. Most travel bloggers write about their adventures abroad and insights into places they have visited.

Another option is blogging about food or fashion trends in different cities worldwide. Whatever niche interests you most, it’s likely that there are other people out there who will be interested in reading your blog too!

Once you’ve decided on a topic, think about what makes your content unique. For example, suppose you’re blogging about food in Paris. In that case, you can provide recipes and recommendations for local restaurants while also giving readers tips on navigating the subway system.

Keep in mind that each post needs to stand alone. Hence, every time you publish something new, ensure it contains enough information, so readers don’t feel like they’re missing anything.

A great way to make sure each post is unique is by taking part in hashtags on social media; these tags let other travellers find your work easily.

How to Become a Photographer

The first step to becoming a photographer is deciding what kind of photography you want to do. After that, you will need to find the right camera equipment. You can find your camera or buy one used.

Remember that it is usually best to purchase new lenses since they may be cheaper than buying them separately. Finally, you will need a studio space where you can take photos.

Some people use their homes while others invest in office spaces. Once you have all of this setup, you are ready to start photographing! It’s important to remember to stay consistent with your subject matter.

Suppose you want to get hired as a photographer. In that case, it’s always good practice to ensure that your portfolio contains plenty of varied photographs so prospective clients don’t feel tired of repeatedly looking at images from the same genre.

Additionally, having an exciting bio about yourself on social media can help boost your visibility. Your social media profiles should also contain samples of your work for people to see if they aren’t familiar with who you are already.

Remember that photographers often work long hours for not much Money- unless you’re famous- so don’t quit your day job until you know you’ve made it big.

How to Start a Fashion Blog

You don’t need to know how to sew or be a professional photographer. You need to have an eye for fashion and the desire to start a blog. With the help of some simple tips, you can quickly create your fashion blog with little effort.

1) Find a Niche
2) Decide on Design Elements
3) Choose an Online Platform
4) Create Content Regularly
5) Promote Your Site
6) Build Your Audience
7) Make Money

Wrapping Up

Stephanie started her blog in 2009 as a hobby she hoped would eventually make Money. She had a passion for writing and photography but didn’t know what she wanted to do with it. In 2010 she discovered the fashion industry through social media, which reignited her passion for writing about fashion.

She currently blogs about all things Dallas-related in fashion, travel, and photography. You can find everything from outfit posts to street-style shots on her site. For those who are more into travelling than fashion, there are reviews of cool places to visit worldwide.

Her photography also provides an interesting perspective on life, so you’ll never run out of reading material! Stephanie hopes that one day she’ll be able to live off of her blog. That may not be possible at the moment, but being able to pursue her passions has been worth it!