Russian Fashion Blogger in New York – Ultimate Review 2023

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Russian Fashion Blogger in New York – Firstly, it must be established within a few seconds to create a first impression. In first-date situations, this leads people to want to impress by selecting their style and showing their personality.

Determining the perfect balance between being formal and casual in your attire can be tricky — but when you get the formula down, you’ll be able to make this balance for all your dates every time you leave your house. All you need to do is be yourself and pay some attention to what others will think about your attire.

Russian Fashion Blogger in New York - Ultimate Review 2023

How Did You Become Interested In Fashion?

I wanted to share with the world my love for fashion and beauty. I didn’t have a plan when I started blogging, but it has turned into much more. I now have a job as a full-time blogger and vlogger here in New York City. My blog has grown with me, and it’s been amazing to see how many people have supported me on this journey.

It still amazes me how quickly I can communicate with my followers.
I get messages from girls telling me they’ve bought an item after seeing it in one of my videos or pictures and then going out to buy it themselves. That is rewarding because I want everyone to enjoy their unique style no matter where they come from or what their background is!

What are some of your unique features?

My blog is all about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I have a massive following of readers worldwide who love to know what I’m up to. Along with my blog posts, I also do reviews on different products or clothing items that I have come across.
I also have a YouTube channel where you can see videos of me doing makeup tutorials, hauls from places I visit when traveling for work or pleasure, and so much more!

I even get into DIY projects from time to time, which people seem to enjoy seeing. Many people ask me if I am making money blogging, and it’s a tricky question because it’s not something tangible like someone asking How much money you make an hour. So as far as an answer goes: no one knows how much money bloggers make, but we’re still here doing this regardless!

What do you like most about NYC?

New York is a fantastic city with so much to offer. It’s a melting pot of cultures and people from all over the world. I love how it’s never too quiet, but you can still find some peace when you need it. There are so many great food options, museums, parks, concerts…I could go on! What do you like least about NYC?: I’m not sure what my least favorite thing about New York City would be.

If I had to pick one thing, it might be that there are always tourists around. But then again, that means we’re visiting somewhere that is popular and worth coming to see! And most of them aren’t even rude. They want to take pictures and enjoy themselves, which makes me happy because they’re enjoying themselves! In general, New Yorkers also tend to be very friendly, which makes up for it in other ways.
What advice would you give someone who wants to visit?

Where do you buy your favorite things for the blog?

I always start with my favorite stores that I know will have a large selection and excellent customer service. These include Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Gap, and the Banana Republic. Sometimes I will go to Forever 21 or Ross if I want something more specific.

When I need a break from shopping and want to get out and enjoy the city, I head to Central Park or Times Square. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be in NYC during Christmas time, Rockefeller Center is so magical. If you are traveling solo (or don’t feel like braving the crowds), stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on where we’ll be doing all our holiday shopping!

What do you hate most about NYC?

The most challenging thing about living in New York is the weather. It’s always either too hot or too cold, which makes it challenging to find clothes to wear during different seasons. One day you’ll wake up, and it will be 50 degrees outside, and another day you’ll wake up, and it will be 85 degrees outside with humidity. What I miss most about Russia are the cute parks all over Moscow.

I love seeing squirrels running everywhere, sitting on benches and eating peanuts from people’s hands. My neighborhood has a little garden right by my apartment building. Sometimes when I take a break from work, I’ll sit there for 10 minutes to get away from the office for a bit.

Do you have any advice for bloggers who want to start?

It is essential to know what you want your blog to be about. For example, do you want it to be about fashion, beauty or culture? Once you have this figured out, it is easier for readers and potential sponsors/partners to understand your blog.
Furthermore, blogging should not always be serious. You should find ways to make the posts fun and interesting for readers.

What kind of camera do you use?: I am currently using a Canon 60D. A camera that I would recommend for beginners is a Canon Rebel T5i with an 18-135mm lens. In terms of lenses, it’s better to start with one. If you’re considering buying lenses at some point in the future, then focus on finding a versatile lens that can be used for many different situations.

My favorite ones are: 50mm f1.8 (creates beautiful bokeh), 70-200mm f2.8L II USM (long telephoto zoom lens) and 24-105mm f4 L IS USM (general purpose lens). The best way to start is by first understanding your style and preferences. There are so many great cameras on the market today so if you don’t feel like purchasing them immediately, try borrowing one from a friend or family member.

Best Tips to Become a Fashion Blogger

  • 1. Find a Niche Whether it be in fashion, lifestyle, or beauty, the key to success is finding your niche and sticking with it. It’s easier for bloggers who write about a single topic to develop an audience that relates to their content, and when they post new content, their followers will be more likely to engage with them.
  • 2. Create Engaging Content Your blog should be something your followers look forward to reading each time you post something new. You can achieve this by consistently providing valuable information that adds value to your readers’ lives. You also want to ensure that you’re posting regularly so people know what to expect from your blog. That way, when you have something big going on (such as launching a new product), people will know about it and get excited!
  • 3. Be Social Media Savvy The best thing about blogging these days is that you don’t need to rely on just one platform. Today, you can share your content with many platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. There are different types of posts for different platforms, and knowing which posts work best for each platform will help boost your following too!
  • 4. Use Analytics Monitoring tools like Google Analytics, Shopify Stats, and Statcounter allow you to track all sorts of data, such as the number of pages views your blog has per day or how many subscribers you currently have. Knowing how well your blog is doing not only helps motivate you to continue and allows you to see what topics resonate most with your audience so that you can continue writing about those topics.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me usually starts with a morning run, breakfast, and shower. I’ll then check my email to see what’s coming up for the day, do some blogging and social media marketing, then head out to errands or go shopping. I’ll also try to find time to work on one of my other projects, like my music or design work, if the day allows it.

My days can be pretty busy, but I love being able to mix things up so that there is always something new and exciting happening.
I currently live in Queens, but I look forward to moving back to Manhattan sometime this year! It’s been such a fantastic experience living here and being immersed in a different culture than my own–I’m learning so much from every aspect of life here, which is enriching.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!